10 Very Interested (and surprising) Facts About Your Spine!

1.  We lose vertebrate. 

When we are babies, we have 33 vertebrae but as adults we end up with 26. What happens to the 9 remaining bones? Four of them will fuse to make our tailbone and five fuse to make the back of the pelvis.

2.  Three important jobs. 

The spinal column has 3 very important functions – it supports the body’s weight, provides flexibility for movement, protects nerve roots and fibres and forms a protective surrounding for the spinal cord – the main pathway of communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

3. Back pain is the MOST common. 

Four out of five adults will experience some type of back pain during their lifetime. Back pain is considered the second most common location of pain experienced – headaches are considered the first (come see Dr. Ellison for your headaches!).

4.  Watch out for idiots. 

The most common cause of spinal cord injuries is vehicle accidents.

5.  Men hurt their backs more. 

82% of people who suffer from spinal cord injuries are male.  A theory of why this is, is because men are bigger risk takers than women, therefore resulting in more injuries.

6.  Bendy.

The spinal cord is extremely flexible!  If it were to be separated from the body and bent, it would make two thirds of a complete circle.

7.  Gravity affects height. 

Astronauts returning from space can be up to 3% taller, gaining as much as 2 inches in height because their cartilage discs expand in microgravity.

8.  Spine= Lifeline. 

Your spine is the "lifeline of your body", and has the responsibility of carrying more than a million electric nerve messages between your brain and your body every day.

 9.  It Is not especially thick. 

A person would typically assume that the spinal cord would be quite thick, since it serves such an important function in the human body. However, the spinal cord is only 1 centimeter thick and it does not continue to grow past the age of five.

10.  The Spine Is Strong. 

Don't let the lack of girth fool you!  The spine is absurdly powerful.  It can support hundreds of kilograms worth of pressure before breaking.

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