Optimizing Pain Relief to Improve Functionality

Dr Tambrea EllisonFor AllSpine physiatrist, Dr. Tambrea Ellison, whose specialty is pain medicine, her greatest satisfaction is seeing patients return to an optimal level of functioning after coping with disease or sustaining an injury which has left them trying to cope with pain.  Physiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine, rehabilitation and sometimes, like Dr. Ellison, in pain medicine.  These specialists utilize non-surgical treatments and take comprehensive head-to-toe approach to the patient.

“As a physiatrist, I treat the whole patient, not just their pain symptoms,” Dr. Ellison explains.  “Everything is important, including the patient’s environment or anything that could be causing them a decrease in functioning and preventing them from returning to a full and active life.”

For Dr. Ellison, her mom, who is a hospice nurse, is the reason she decided on a career in medicine.  “I heard about the impact my mom’s work had on people every day.  At church, people would come up to her and thank her for all she did for one of their family members,” she recalls.  “I could see the appreciation in their eyes and the quiet satisfaction my mom got from that.  I decided I wanted to be able to have that kind of impact on people’s lives myself.”

After finishing her undergraduate degree at Valdosta State, Dr. Ellison obtained her M.D. from the medical College of Georgia.  She completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University.  During her time there, she received “The Hopkins Healer Award”, for her outstanding service, Professionalism, and compassion towards patients.  Dr. Ellison then returned home to Georgia, which included completing a fellowship in pain medicine, before joining the physicians at AllSpine two years ago.

“I love working at AllSpine because I have a build in referral network to other physicians, such as neurosurgeons, who are already my trusted colleagues.  As our patient, we treat you as the unique individual you are.”

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