Dr. Elshihabi Golf

My experience has been phenomenal and I have a high level of respect for the professionals of this practice. Dr. Elshihabi has been very patient in answering my questions with a high regard for attention-to-detail, ensuring I understand all of the facets of my diagnostic data and how it would impact my recovery. After my procedure, I've been able to contact him via email and he has been prompt to respond. Being out of state, there have been a couple of times where the different sensations of healing has made me nervous and he taking time to respond with the reassurance that everything is progressing as normal speaks volumes to his core values. It is rare to know a professional in any industry, let alone the medical field, who you know is honest in their intentions when inquiring about your well-being.

I've had too many experiences in the past being treated by a professional who say they care about your path to good health, but their actions and the short responses to questions communicate that they would really rather be golfing. Thanks to this facilities' care and methodical practice, I truly feel I'll be the one golfing soon instead of walking with a cane. I sought help when no one here was willing to look me in the eyes when talking. One hour after the start of my first appointment, I left having accomplished more than in the 18 month duration of my injury. The ACTUAL doctor who would later perform my procedure, came in EARLY to examine me, conducted a nerve block when the staff was out for their regular day off, scheduled a nerve test on my behalf, gave me honest 'no-fluff' feedback on my option and took the time to personally introduce me to the staff in charge of making arrangements.

The professional staff who coordinated and shepherded the events that led me up to that 60 minute experience are no less than magnificent, and their efforts are unparalleled, shining as the absolute highest standard in health care. The rapid involvement and focus on ensuring my well-being made me feel extremely humble and completely unworthy of experiencing the attention I received. I was moved that so many people I didn't know and hadn't met took the level of interest I didn't believe I deserved.
I apologize for not having responded sooner, but I wanted to have an opportunity to sit quietly and think to express my complete gratitude to this facility, its professionals, and staff. Too often, we feel its only necessary to take the time to reflect on how someone has impacted your life when it communicates distaste, anger, or has the prospect of benefiting oneself. I understand you might not be able to use much of what I've said for developing new patients, but from the depths of my being I appreciate the work that has gone into putting me here and one of the few ways I can communicate that is by sharing my experience and reflections.

Anonymous Golfer,

Dr. Rezaiamiri is a wonderful doctor. He gave an excellent diagnosis followed by MRI’s to confirm, and now he’ll operate on me in June. He has an excellent bedside manner, talking to me and my husband at length about my problem and explaining everything in detail. I’ll follow up after my surgery to give you the results. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


From the moment I walked into the office I was met with smiling faces from the front office staff to the nurses to the PA and Dr. Rezaiamiri, every person listened to me, Dr.Rezaiamiri met with me and educated me thoroughly on my condition and how we could proceed, I had to have surgery, which went great. Dr. Rezaiamiri gave me my life back and for that I will be forever grateful! I recommend his office 100%.


From the second I walked into the office I immediately noticed I was not just a number, I was greeted with smiling faces from the front office staff, the nurses and PA and Dr. Rezaiamiri genuinely showed compassion, empathy and listened to my every concern, Dr. Rezaiamiri has been treating me now for a few months and has since done my back surgery, I feel so great and he has given me my life back for that I will be forever thankful!I would recommend him to anyone!